Maciel’s Flowers was formed by Carlos Maciel in 1993 in the beautiful City of Oxnard California. Carlos started the business as a sole proprietorship owner, and as the years went by, Carlos began to do business with very important clients, vendors and other businesses that were very satisfied with his products and were very pleased with his commitment and dedication to all his customers. Carlos worked many hours and worked very hard to keep his business on top of his competitors and day by day strived to make his business grow. In 1998 he was referred to one of the Team Member of Whole Foods and after being referred by one of his acquaintances, he began supplying some of the stores. By this time the word got out of the good quality and freshness of his flowers, and then shortly after that he began to supply other Whole Foods Stores, 41 stores to be exact. He also provides other vendors with his products and has been providing fresh cut flowers to all his customers/ vendors for many years.   After working many years as a sole proprietor he became incorporated in 2003. By this time Carlos had reached some of the goals that he dreamed of.

Maciel’s Flowers is committed to providing good quality flowers to all his customers, vendors around the county and out of the county. As Maciel’s Flowers continues his quest to provide good quality fresh flowers to all his customers he is also committed to his company’s success and growth. Carlos has come along way from where he started and as his business grows he will be continue to provide the best quality flowers and the best customer service to all his customers.

Maciel's Flowers Inc.